Keep a List of Interesting Links

By Eric Lathrop on

I'm a big fan of RSS. I'm up to 155 feeds in my favorite RSS reader. That means I read lot of news, blog posts, etc. A lot of it is mildly interesting, but there's a few links each week that stand out. These "interesting links" are either really thought-provoking, give me a "light bulb moment", capture my imagination, or are extraordinarily relevant to one of my interests/hobbies.

I've started keeping a list of these interesting links. I've also setup my personal static site generator to make an RSS feed for the interesting links, to make it easier for others to follow them. Even if no one else uses the list, it's already been useful for me to have an easy way to refer back to things that I found important. If many people kept such lists I think it would be a good way to find a bunch of stuff you wouldn't otherwise see on popularity-driven social media or link aggregator web sites.

By the way, I found this handy Firefox add-on called RSSPreview that makes it easy to view a raw RSS feed directly in the browser. Firefox used to have this built-in, but it was removed at some point. It also adds a little RSS icon up in the URL bar that lets you know when a page has an RSS feed, and lets you copy the address of the RSS feed for easy importing into your feed reader.