Movies & TV Shows I've Watched

By Eric Lathrop on

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This is a log of the movies and TV shows I've watched, and some brief thoughts about them.

Mickey's Christmas Carol

This was really short. It seemed like they were just skimming over the whole story. Scrooge just instantly turned around his behaviour without much prompting.


David Bowie seemed out of place. Why isn't the Goblin King a goblin? There were a bunch of cool puzzles and creatures you could use in D&D like the pit lined with hands, or the door that opened multiple ways.

Gangs of New York

This was fun and stylish. Not sure how much is true. One thing that struck me was how in the end the army comes in and wipes out any dissent.

In the Heart of the Sea

Interesting, engaging. I really liked the grand views of Nantucket in the beginning. Reminded me of old movies where the backdrops were painted. I got really mad about how humans savagely butchered whales for oil.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart

Powerful, sad. Good characters, cool music. Made me empathize and sorrowful for how women are treated by men.